Walking in Gran Canaria

  • Duration 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Grade
  • Start / Finish San Bartolomé de Tirajana / La Caldera
  • Distance 72 km / 45 miles
  • Trip Style Self Guided
  • Availability
  • Availability
    October - May
  • Price From $1,244


In the centre of the Canary Islands archipelago, less than 160 kilometres (100 miles) from the north-eastern African coast, is Gran Canaria, a volcanic island that enchants us with its extraordinary and varied landscapes. In this "miniature continent", as is commonly known, you can have one of the best walks in Europe, as it is possible to move from the valleys and lush forests of the north, to the majestic mountainous interior, and then tour the desert dunes and the charming beaches of the southern coasts. 

  • In 2005, the island was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
  • You will get to know the representative natural monument Roque Nublo, the Chira Dam and the volcanic cauldron in Bandama, whose eruption, more than 2,000 years ago, influenced the geography of the island.
  • You will tour primitive villages built by the Guanche, ancient Aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands.
  • You will go back in time when visiting the old town of Las Palmas, the capital of the island.

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    • 7 nights in rural hotels
    • Buffet breakfast
    • Full route itinerary with map
    • Freedom to decide which route to take each day
    • Organizing with the local hotelier
    • Baggage transfer between stages
    • 24-hour telephone support
    • Taxes included


    • Unspecified transfers
    • Unspecified meals
    • Car rental


    • Travel insurance
    • Cancellation insurace
    • Additional nights
    • Half board
    • Additional walks
    • Room upgrade


    General information

    The accommodations with which we collaborate have a private bathroom and all the necessary services to ensure the best comfort available.

    Our team checks in situ the quality of all the accommodations offered, so that you have an unforgettable experience during your trip.

    The accommodation that we will book for your trip will be selected taking into account our commitment to you: guaranteeing comfort, calm and enjoyment throughout your trip.

    We work with quality hotels and country cottages with limited capacity, so we invite you to confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

    The name of each accommodation will be provided to you a few weeks before your trip begins.

    Room types

    It is possible to book this journey in single, double or triple rooms.

    All rooms have private bathrooms.


    Travel & Transfers

    To get to the starting point of this walking trail in Gran Canaria, the best option is to take a flight to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Airport.

    This air terminal is the main entrance for international flights to the island of Gran Canaria. You can also get there by stopping over in Madrid or Barcelona.

    From there, you will have to rent a car to head to your first accommodation in Gran Canaria, located 50 minutes away.

    When you finish your trip, you will have to return in the rented car to Las Palmas Airport to take your flight back to your home city.


    This route has a medium-low level of difficulty, making it ideal for people looking for between 4 and 6 hours of walking a day and with ascents/descents of up to 700 m. You do not need to have experience in walking, however, it is advisable that you are in good physical condition and that you are in good health.

    Some sections of the hike have uneven terrain, so it will be necessary to climb.

    Yes, it's included. We will transfer the luggage between each accommodation according to your itinerary. Each person can take a suitcase up to 20 kg (45 lbs).

    All independent walks have been planned by our Orbis Ways team, in collaboration with local authorities. Our routes have been carefully selected to provide you with a real view of your chosen destination, weather, small picturesque villages, landscapes, etc. You will receive this information in the pre-holiday package.

    We'll give you walking route instructions and provide detailed maps so you can explore at your own pace, safely, with the certainty you won't get lost with Orbis Ways.

    It is essential that you wear walking boots, since the walks will be on village streets, country roads and agricultural fields. We recommend using walking sticks.

    Remember that with Orbis Ways, you have the baggage transfer service included between stages, so we will take your backpack from one accommodation to another so that you only worry about walking (maximum 1 pack of 20 kg per person).

    For this reason, we suggest you carry a second, much smaller backpack that you can take daily, for water, sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, documents, some food and cash.

    Yes. As the tours do not start directly from the hotels, it is necessary to have a rented car.