Madeira: The Flower Island

  • Duration 8 Days / 7 Nights
  • Grade
  • Start / Finish Machico / Funchal
  • Distance 81 km / 50 miles
  • Trip Style Self Guided
  • Availability
    All Year Round
  • Availability
    All Year Round
  • Price From $1,617


Discover the Magic of Walking Holidays in Madeira with Orbis Ways Ways, where every step is an adventure and every path tells a story. Our tailor-made walking holidays invite you to:

  • Wander through Funchal’s historic cobbled streets, soaking in the ambiance and colors of its renowned flower market. It's the perfect starting point for your walking holiday, blending urban charm with nature's beauty.
  • Experience the thrill of walking to the natural lava pools in Porto da Cruz, where the land meets the sea in a spectacular fashion. These walks offer a unique combination of geological wonders and serene ocean views.
  • Traverse the renowned network of 'Levadas', Madeira's ingenious irrigation channels. These routes are a walker's dream, offering serene paths through stunning landscapes and an insight into the island's agricultural heritage.
  • Be captivated by the vibrant display of orchids, birds of paradise, magnolias, and azaleas as you walk through botanical paradises. These paths are not just walks, but a journey through a living rainbow of flora.
  • Stroll through sleepy wine villages, where each step is rewarded with delightful local cuisine and wine tastings. These walks blend cultural immersion with culinary delights, making every mile memorable.
  • Madeira, with its contrasting landscapes, offers the perfect backdrop for walking holidays. From the colonial elegance of white-washed towns to the rugged, unspoilt beauty of its coastline, Madeira is a sub-tropical paradise that promises diverse walking experiences. Imagine trekking through lush forests, strolling around picturesque lagoons, wandering on wild beaches, and navigating dramatic cliffs. The explosion of colors from the island's flora and fauna adds a vivid dimension to your walks.

Follow the unique levadas, the lifelines of Madeira, as they guide you through breathtaking scenery and into the heart of its wine country. Each step on these traditional irrigation channels is a step into the heart of Madeira's natural beauty and cultural soul.

Embark on your walking holiday with Orbis Ways and experience the true essence of Madeira. Fill out our quotation form to begin crafting your unforgettable walking adventure.

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    • Accommodation in en suite rooms in charming hotels
    • Daily Breakfasts
    • Dinners on days 2, 3, 4 and 5
    • Luggage transfers between accommodations
    • Transfers to and from Funchal Airport
    • Transfers as specified in the itinerary
    • Information dossier with maps and routes
    • 24-hour phone support
    • Sustainable travel, we compensate the CO2 emissions of your trip
    • Taxes


    • Travel insurance
    • Cancellation insurance
    • Additional nights


    At Orbis Ways, we go above and beyond to ensure your walking adventure is enveloped in comfort and serenity. Each hotel and country cottage we partner with is not only equipped with private bathrooms but also all the essential amenities to elevate your stay to the peak of comfort.

    Our dedication to your experience is unparalleled. We personally verify the quality of every accommodation to ensure they meet our high standards, promising you an experience that's not just memorable, but truly unforgettable.

    Choosing accommodations is more than just about finding a place to rest; it's about enhancing your journey with tranquility, comfort, and a dash of luxury. Our commitment is to you – to ensure your journey is as comfortable, peaceful, and enjoyable as possible.

    We curate our selection from premium hotels and charming country cottages, each with their unique allure and limited availability to maintain exclusivity and peace. To secure your spot in these coveted havens, we encourage you to confirm your reservation at your earliest convenience.

    Details of your accommodations, carefully chosen to complement your adventure, will be shared with you a few weeks before your journey begins, adding an element of anticipation and excitement to your adventure planning.

    Choose Orbis Ways for an unparalleled walking holiday where every detail is crafted with you in mind, ensuring your adventure is as seamless and enjoyable as the breathtaking landscapes you'll explore.

    Room types

    It is possible to book this journey in single, double or triple rooms.

    All rooms have private bathrooms.


    Travel & Transfers

    Getting to the Start

    To get to the starting point of this walking trail in Madeira, the best option is to take a flight to Funchal International Airport.

    This airport receives direct flights from many European capital cities. You can also get there by making a stopover at Lisbon Airport, capital of Portugal.

    From Finchal International Airport, you will have a transfer included to your first accommodation in Funchal.

    Getting from the End

    When you finish your trip, you will have a transfer included that will take you back to Funchal Airport to take your flight back to your home city.

    Luggage Transfers

    Hassle-Free Luggage Handling: As you immerse yourself in the wonders of your journey, rest assured that your luggage will be smoothly transferred from one accommodation to the next, perfectly synchronized with your itinerary.

    We kindly request that you travel with no more than one bag per person, with a weight limit of up to 20kg. This policy is designed to enhance your travel experience, making it as carefree and enjoyable as possible.


    Absolutely! Each traveller has included 1 piece of luggage that we will transfer between your accommodations. It's important that this piece of luggage meets the following criterias:

    • Maximum weight of 45 lbs (20 kg).
    • Must be only 1 piece of luggage without any attachments or accessories.
    • Should not contain valuables, fragile items, food or medications.
    • Must be correctly identified (booking reference of your trip and the full name of the trip holder).

    The approximate luggage delivery time will be at 4:00 PM.

    This walking journey is categorized as moderately challenging. Expect substantial elevation changes on most days, with elevation gains reaching up to 700 meters and losses up to 900 meters. However, not every day will be this intense - for specific details, refer to your route notes. To fully enjoy and comfortably complete this tour, we strongly recommend that you engage in preparatory walking activities, including varied inclines, for several weeks prior to your departure.

    Book your trip now to secure your spot in this highly sought-after destination! Check our website for availability, and we'll do our best to accommodate your plans. During peak seasons, like the flower festival, we might arrange stays in alternative, yet equally luxurious, hotels or guesthouses. Reserve your journey today for an unforgettable experience!

    Essential items for your journey include sturdy walking shoes or boots, comfortable attire for walking, a waterproof jacket and pants, a daypack, and accessories like hats and gloves.

    Remember that with Orbis Ways you will have the baggage transfer service between stages already included, so we will take your backpack from one accommodation to another so that you only worry about walking.

    For this reason, we suggest you take a second backpack that you can load up daily, much smaller, to carry water, sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, documents, along with some food and cash.

    Experience the magic of Spring and Autumn in Madeira, the prime seasons to witness the spectacular sight of migratory birds, often in remarkable abundance.

    The ideal months for this natural spectacle are from April to June and late September to December. While summer brings warmer temperatures, it's a different kind of beauty.

    Be aware that occasional wet weather may alter paths, but our local team in Madeira will ensure you're well-informed and can make the most of your island adventure, regardless of the season.

    Join us for an unforgettable experience, where every moment is a celebration of nature's wonders.

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    The administration was good before our trip and our questions were answered quickly. The accommodation was also good. We had no problems with the baggage transfer too.
    Our group of 5 had a really great experience with orbis ways. Our contact person was helpful via email and via phone. Great accommodations and each host was helpful and generous with kindness.
    I travelled last week to Madeira with Orbis Ways and it has been an amazing experience. Accommodations were exceptional, and everything was explained very well, apart from that the Island is amazing, must be seen at least once in a lifetime. Dinners were very good, with local fresh homemade food! Very recomending!!!
    Excellent trip. Excellent communication with Orbis. Lovely accommodations. Luggage transfer was always done well and the overall trip was excellent. I cannot wait to do another walk in 2023 and will use Orbis ways 100%.
    Few days ago I finished Camino Francés. Orbis Ways planned the trip for me, arranged my routes and accommodations as well as luggage transfers. Everything went smoothly from the beginning in St Jean Pied du Port until the end in Santiago. Rooms with private bathrooms that they booked for me were comfortable and clean and luggage transfers underwent without mistakes. My daily routes were well planned. In 34 days I had only two problematic situations with accommodations and their 24 hours assistance team solved them in few minutes. I enjoyed every minute of my Way. I am planning to return and do some other route - Norte and Portugués gor sure. Orbis Ways will be my choice again.
    I did the wonderful walking holiday trip of 8 days Mont Blanc...the experience was incredible, from the beginning everything chosen in the dossier was beyond expectations, providing all the necessary information.I am very grateful for the wonderful and detailed attention of Jhonay. Also the accommodations chosen were very comfortable!I have no doubt that I will repeat as soon as I can, the routes are spectacular!
    Orbisways did an outstanding job of planning our trip along the Camino de Santiago. The provided voucher provided excellent information, the accommodations were awesome, never had any confusion regarding travel details and the staff I worked with prior to our trip were kind and very efficient. I highly recommend OrbisWays and will definitely be traveling with them again!!